Yoga, meditation, pranayama lifestyle counseling in the Alexandria Va area
Gentle strengthen and stretch relaxing flow
Restorative restful yoga (supported postures to enhance natural alignment)
Yin yoga for improved posture and range of motion
Meditative posture flow for strength & vitality
Meditation for Stress Relief and Relaxation (8-week structured class or casual drop-in)
**NEW**Yoga for Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness (proven with clinical studies to decrease high DEXA scores and grow bone)


 Yoga for balanced body and mind

A Boston Univ. School of Medicine study found that practicing yoga can boost your mood more effectively than walking. Just one hour of yoga three times a week can increase GABA levels--a neurotransmitter that is lower in people who are depressed.  
Life Coaching for life's' small and large challenges.
I will help you look at six areas of life--emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual--and guide and support you towards solutions to reate a more joyful life worth living.
Meditation for Transformation, Stress Reduction, improved living
Did you know that a regular meditation practice can help with symptoms of seasonal blues & improve memory? Practicing mindful focusing creates new neural pathways and even "grows" the brain and helps us retrieve memory for greater clarity.

Private or semi-private classes in your home, office or school or contractural
space, such as massage & spas or chiropractor or acupuncture businesses. 
If you would like a small class or semi-private or private instruction, please call me for details and pricing.  
Sandy Reid, at (home) 703-971-7397; (cell) 703-216-3701.
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NEW CLASS! YOGA for Osteoporosis Prevention and Healing

I am please to announce that I have completed training with Dr. Loren Fishman, M.D., and am now a certified Osteoporosis vs. Yoga Instructor.(possibly the only one in the Metro DC area!) I am currently working hard on finding more locations to offer this amazing class.  
  • Using 12 postures done with proper alignment and strength applied can strengthen bones in a regular practice. (proven in Dr. Fishman's research: contact me for links to his research or see for more information)
  • Anyone with a low DEXA score (normal, with osteopenia or low osteoporosis) should be able to do these postures
  • Some yoga experience is preferable, but anyone is welcome.  ALL instruction, even in a mixed experience class, encourages you to find your "just right level." 
  • It is helpful to know your overall health  (surgeries, current weaknesses, such as injured discs and, most importantly, your bone mineral density score--DEXA)
I am a certified/registered yoga intstructor and trained Transformation Meditation (tm) teacher with 8 years experience teaching in the Northern Virginia area at the Virginia Hospital Center, Lee District REC Center, government and corporate locations, private and small groups. I am trained in several styles, including Yoga for MS, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative, rest and renew, Yin Yoga, Viniyoga. My initial 200-hr. Yoga training is from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. The style encourages awakening each student's awareness through guiding students to feel and be fully present in their bodies. With this base, many styles of yoga are incoporated in teaching.


Please contact me, Sandy Reid, with questions about the classes.  Home phone: 703-971-7397; Cell: 703-216-3701. Email: